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Earn Your Bachelor's Degree in High School

Earn Your
Bachelor's Degree
in High School

High School on Your Terms

High School On Your Terms

Smarter by 1 Degree is an online program that allows students the freedom to do schoolwork anytime, anywhere. We focus on learning instead of busywork which allows students to complete their studies in a few hours a day while still having plenty of time to explore interests,  career skills, and extracurricular activities.

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Dual Credit vs. Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment is when your student is enrolled in a university and completing their classes. These classes have busywork, deadlines, and due dates which can be stressful. Dual credit is when your student earns credit outside of the university. Students can complete self-paced classes focused on learning instead of busywork and transfer them to the university for credit. (Credits outside of the University are self-paced).

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Dual Credit vs Dual Enrollment
Affordable College Education

Affordable College Education

We'll plan high school and college for your student so they can get ahead in life without being buried in student loans. We know that three in five employers (62%) require a degree for entry-level positions, so we want to help your student earn the degree before they decide not to go, they drop out, or life gets in the way.

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"I’m currently 18 years old and I will graduate in the next few weeks from both high school and college. Both at the same time! I’ll be going straight to law school in the fall. And this was only possibly because of what Ms. Deems was able to do for me. In showing me what courses to take, how to take them, and in what order; she allowed me the flexibility with school to be able to make this great accomplishment, to graduate college at the same time, and years before most of my peers."

Update: Trinity was immediately accepted into the Ivy League, Cornell Law School at 18 and is currently in her 2nd year! We are so proud of her!

Trinity K.

SB1D Dual Credit Graduate

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