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  • How long have you been degree planning?
    I started Smarter by 1 Degree over 5 years ago and have degree planned with thousands of students! Our years of experience allows us to offer the best options at the most affordable price!
  • What is strategic degree planning?
    Strategic degree planning is where we map out every requirement for your bachelors degree and then pick the best classes to fulfill them! Strategy is everything. Earning a degree at a university is the same. The difference is one student pays $49,000+ by taking all of the classes at their university over 4 years, while another student follows the strategic degree plan and takes specific classes offered by Smarter by 1 Degree which allows the student to earn the SAME degree for $6,000 in a fraction of the time! Each student graduates with the same degree, but one paid full price and the other was strategic and paid a fraction of the price!
  • How much does it cost to earn a bachelors degree through your program?
    Great question! A bachelor degree costs up to $63,000 through our partner universities, but when strategically planned the average cost is under $10,000 (tuition) for our students! Same degree, but for less money, no busy work, and with college advisors that support you and have your best interests in mind.
  • Can International students use your program?
    Great question! Yes! Our program is great for international students who are seeking their bachelors degree in the United States.
  • How fast can I earn my degree?
    You can earn your degree in as little as 6 months! The average adult student earns their degree in 10-12 months. This is possible because of strategic degree planning. We’re able to plan and organize a roadmap for you that includes specific courses designed to meet the degree requirements in the most efficient way. High school students average between 2-4 years.
  • I have a busy schedule, will I be able to earn a degree with your program?
    Yes! At Smarter by 1 Degree, our classes are self-paced without busy work or live classes. You'll be able to work through your courses from the comfort of your own home or on the go from your phone or computer whenever it is convenient for you! Our educational solutions are designed for nontraditional students who are looking for innovative ways to advance their careers and improve their income potential. Our programs are flexible and cater to busy students around the world, making it possible for them to earn college degrees while managing their other responsibilities.
  • Who is Smarter by 1 Degree?
    Smarter by 1 degree was started by a teacher who had spent 16 years helping students meet their education goals in the most efficient and affordable way. When her daughter was in high school, she started searching for a way for her to earn a bachelor degree focused on learning and without busywork. If that wasn’t enough, she also wanted to find self-paced classes that allowed the program to be flexible, and affordable. She realized she was searching for a unicorn, so she developed her own program and partnered with two regionally accredited universities to award the degrees. This allowed her students to earn the highest accredited degree in the United States and have the option to go on to grad school, medical school, or law school. Fast forward several years and her daughter graduated with her bachelor degree at 16, Janine has degree planned with thousands of students, and she built a team of caring college coaches to share her program with the world.
  • How can I contact Smarter by 1 Degree?
    You can contact the Smarter by 1 Degree team directly at If you are a current Smarter by 1 Degree client, you can contact us through your Smarter by 1 Degree Student Degree plan with questions about your courses, schedule, if you have completed a course, or if you have comments or questions about your degree plan. How to message your SB1D Team through your Student Degree Plan.
  • Is Smarter by 1 Degree a school?
    Smarter by 1 Degree is not a college or university. We focus on offering affordable, flexible, online courses that regionally accredited universities accept as transfer credits to help save you time and money while earning your degree. The courses and credits we facilitate are recommended for transfer credit by ACE, NCCRS and/or the Distance Education Accrediting Commission’s Approved Quality Curriculum (AQC) program,. We are partnered with two regionally accredited universities: Excelsior University and Ana. G. Mendez University (AGMU), that accept these courses to meet their degree requirements in the same way as the $1500 classes they offer at their school. The classes we provide at Smarter by 1 Degree have been approved through our exclusive university partnerships. You'll earn the same $40-50K degree offered by the University but only spend $6,000 on the entire degree (includes classes, etc.) The universities are regionally accredited and the bachelor's degree you'll receive is regionally accredited. You can transfer your degree to any school to further your education. The next school does not have to accept ACE or NCCRS credits. They all (100%) accept regionally accredited degrees.
  • What degree programs do you specialize in?
    Smarter by 1 Degree specializes in 6 different Bachelor Degree Programs: Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts with a Concentration in Education Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts with a Concentration in Psychology Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts with a Concentration in Business Bachelor of Science in Psychology Bachelor of Science in Business Bachelor of Professional Studies in Business & Management
  • I am already a client, can I change my degree program?
    We’re happy to change your degree plan at any time. There is an administrative fee for this service. We will create a new degree plan and customized schedule taking special attention to place your completed classes into the new program.
  • How can I schedule?
    Visit our website at: to book an appointment for degree planning. We offer degree planning for adults and teenagers.
  • What is the most popular Degree?
    The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts (BALA) is the most requested degree because it’s the easiest and most flexible bachelor degree to complete. A liberal arts degree will give you the essential critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are applicable in any career field. This degree is great for adults who need to break the glass ceiling or check a box that they have a bachelor degree. It’s also great for students who want to go to graduate school and need to complete a bachelor’s degree without it needing to be specific. It also makes a great degree choice for high school students because it gives a well-rounded education through dual credit. Students who are unsure of what degree to get can also benefit from graduating from high school with a liberal arts degree because it gives you the critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are highly valued by employers. It’s the perfect degree for creating versatile and adaptable candidates who can bring a range of skills to the table.
  • Are your partner universities online or in person?
    Smarter by 1 Degree is partnered with two online universities so you have the flexibility to earn your degree around your schedule. The classes you need for your degree will all be online. *AGMU also offers in-person classes on severalt campuses.
  • Do you partner with a military friendly university?
    Yes, Excelsior University has provided over 50 years of service to military and veteran students. In those 50 years, there have been 72,000 military graduates and 100% of those military students turned their military experience and training into degree credit. Excelsior University proudly earned the 2023–2024 Military Friendly® School designation again.. More than 1,800 schools participated in the 2023–2024 survey, and Excelsior was awarded this ranking for going above the standard. The 2023–2024 Military Friendly® Schools list will be published in the May and October issue of G.I. Jobs magazine. “Veterans, servicemembers, and their families have been an important part of the Excelsior community since our founding,” said David Schejbal, president of Excelsior University. Excelsior University currently offers tuition at $250 per credit hour (over 50% off) for military service members (active-duty, guard, and reserves) and their families.
  • What are your partner schools? Where will my degree come from?
    Smarter by 1 Degree offers degree planning services and support, and we partnered with two regionally accredited universities who will award your bachelor degree. Ana G. Mendez University is a regionally accredited institution within the AGMU private university system which was established in 1941 and has 11 campuses in Puerto Rico and the United States. It operates four campuses in the State of Florida as well as an online campus that offers a wide range of academic offerings in Spanish, English and Bilingual across various modalities. AGMU offers academic programs that lead to an Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees. Excelsior University is a private online university in Albany, New York. Excelsior is a regionally accredited University that was established in 1971. It is known for its flexible, online undergraduate and graduate degrees.
  • What does it mean to be regionally accredited?
    Regionally accredited refers to a type of accreditation that is granted to colleges and universities by one of seven regional accrediting bodies in the United States. These regional accrediting bodies are recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). Regional accreditation is considered the most prestigious and rigorous form of accreditation, and is typically required for a school to be eligible for federal financial aid. Accreditation ensures that a college or university meets certain standards of academic excellence and quality, and that it is operating in a financially stable and responsible manner. To receive regional accreditation, a college or university must undergo a rigorous evaluation process that includes a self-study report, site visit by an accreditation team, and review by an accreditation commission. This process typically takes several years to complete and involves a thorough assessment of the institution's academic programs, faculty, facilities, student services, and other key aspects of the school's operations. Smarter by 1 Degree only partners with regionally accredited universities.
  • Are there live classes?
    We offer self-paced classes that can be completed around your schedule. This means no live classes or a schedule that you have to adhere too.
  • Are there additional costs for books, etc?
    No. All of your classes will be online and everything is provided!
  • Are labs required for science?
    No! None of our degrees require a science lab!
  • How will I know how to complete the classes?
    During your degree planning session, we will show you how to take the classes, tips and tricks on how to pass the classes, provide you with a schedule of specific classes, step-by-step instructions with video tutorials, and a private group full of resources so you will have everything you need to be successful!
  • I am going back to school after decades of being out of school. Do you offer help with English and Math?
    Great question! Smarter by 1 Degree is working hard to provide our clients access to a Math and English Professor to help in these classes. We should have an update on this very soon! For now, since courses can be taken in any order, we suggest holding off on these particular courses if additional support is needed! We do offer open-book options, so you can work through more difficult classes at your own pace with support!
  • Is the full degree cost due upfront?
    No, you'll pay for your classes as you complete them. You will only spend a few hundred dollars at a time with the majority due towards the end!
  • Can I take the Excelsior Cornerstone and Capstone at the same time?
    Depending on your transfer institution. With Excelsior, the Cornerstone and Capstone are the last 2 classes for your degree and they must be taken separately. Each class is 8 weeks (with a 15-week option) You will need a total of 16 weeks to complete them. With AGMU, you are able to take both Capstones at the same time. Please feel free to contact if you have additional questions.
  • How does proctoring work for my courses?
    The majority of the exams are open-book and proctored through voice proctoring or typing a sentence. They are both easy and convenient allowing you to take the exam at anytime. A few classes will require you have live proctoring provided through Zoom.
  • Can my student earn alternative credits and transfer to a local school?
    The short answer is no. There are hundreds of colleges and universities who accept alternative credits, but they all have different transfer policies. At Smarter by 1 Degree, we have partnered with specific universities so we know what classes meet their requirements and provide specialized pricing, discounts, guaranteed transfer classes and up to date information. These partnerships allow us to advocate for you and work as a liaison so you can spend your time focused on earning your degree!
  • Can my credits transfer from my local community college?
    Yes! The universities we have partnered with usually accept all outside credits. There are exceptions to this though. For example, the business degree has over 60 specific business credits needed. Please contact if you have any questions regarding specific transfer credits!
  • Will my credits from my military Training transfer?
    Yes! Our partner universities have an amazing transfer policy. It's one of the many benefits of using the Smarter by 1 Degree program!
  • Can I transfer credits in from CLEP or DSST?
    Yes! Our partner universities have an excellent transfer policy. It's one of the many benefits of using the Smarter by 1 Degree program!
  • Can I get into Grad School with this degree?
    Yes! The degree you're earning is a regionally accredited degree from a regionally accredited school! Smarter by 1 Degree only partners with universities that hold the highest accreditation in the United States.
  • What is Parchment?
    Parchment Transcript Services is an online platform that provides a secure and convenient way for students to request and receive their official academic transcripts. The platform allows users to request transcripts from their educational institutions, including high schools, colleges, and universities, and have them delivered electronically or by mail to educational institutions. The platform is widely used by educational institutions across the United States and other countries.
  • When can my student begin working on their degree?
    The Smarter by 1 Degree program is for students of all ages! Our self-paced course offerings allow students to work at their own pace without the stress of deadlines, due dates or busywork, which makes it an ideal program for any age! Our youngest Smarter by 1 Degree student, soon to be graduate, is earning their bachelors degree at 12!
  • What is the time commitment each day for home schoolers?
    Smarter by 1 Degree classes are focused on learning without busywork and can be completed in 3 hours or less per day! You'll still have all the flexibility you want and need to homeschool around your schedule and priorities!
  • My student has learning disabilities or special needs, will this be a good program for them?
    Yes! We have had great success with students of all abilities! The self-paced classes allow students to move ahead or slow down based on their needs. Students who were struggling in a traditional school setting have been able to switch to our program and earn college credit and graduate high school with their bachelor degree!
  • I have a gifted and talented student, would this program work for them?
    Yes! Our program is great for gifted students! It allows students to work ahead when they have mastered a skill! Unlike traditional schooling, they don't have to spend time doing busywork when they are ready to just move on!
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