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Testimonial from Anna S.

My name is Anna and I’m excited to tell you about my experience with Janine helping with a degree plan for not only myself but my children as well. So about three and a half years ago my daughter came to me and said, I want to get my four-year degree. I told her I know you can get your two-year degree in high school so I started digging into it and that is when I started my relationship with Janine. She dove in with me because she had already started with her daughter and her nephew and we put degree plans together.

I was excited because I was like 30 credits away from a bachelor’s degree and the cost was just going to be excessive through our local college and so we put one together for me and I finished in 2021. My kiddos are finishing up their four-year Liberal Arts degree in December 2022.

Update: Anna’s kids have both finished their degrees at 15 and 17!!!

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