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What is a Liberal Arts Degree?

Updated: May 9

Most Flexible Bachelor’s Degree

The Liberal Arts Degree is the most frequently requested degree. It’s an amazing degree for adult learners who want to return to school to finish what they started. For many, life got in the way and they weren’t able to finish their degree and it’s been a life long dream to finish it. The Liberal Arts degree at Excelsior University is a great choice because it is the most flexible degree and allows for the highest number of electives. Miscellaneous classes that do not fit into a specific degree, can all be used in this degree. Most schools will not accept old credits, and they require specific classes for their degrees which translates into them not accepting many transfer credits. This means that the student must take classes over or a high number of credits at the new school which would cost a lot of time and money. Thankfully, Excelsior offers this degree which allows us to transfer all of your past credits, as well as complete in-expensive, self-paced classes offered by Smarter by 1 Degree. Adults are able to finish this bachelor’s degree in 6-12 months (or less) without attending live classes or dealing with the homework or busy work.

Great for a New Job or Job Promotion

The Liberal Arts Degree is also a great choice for adult learners who need a bachelor’s degree to check a box on a job application, to break the glass ceiling, or for a job promotion. Usually a specific degree isn’t needed in these situations, so earning the fastest and most inexpensive degree makes the most sense. The Liberal Arts degree can cost $70,000 at Excelsior University but with Smarter by 1 Degree, you can earn it for less than $10,000 in 6-12 months. Instead of needing 33-60 credits in a specific area of study (Biology, Business, Psychology), you can take classes chosen for efficiency. Strategic degree planning allows me to give you classes that you can take around your schedule so you have the flexibility you need to finish your degree.

Well-Rounded Degree for High School Students

The Liberal Arts Degree is also a great choice for high school students because it provides flexibility and allows students to take a variety of classes. Most students at this age are unsure about what they want to do for a career so taking a variety of classes in different subject areas can help them narrow down what they are interested in, or not interested in, what they like, or don’t like. The liberal arts degree is also a great option because students can earn it during high school so they have a degree to check the box on a job application and get a better paying job right out of high school. It’s also a great option for any student who wants to attend grad school as the student will already have a bachelor’s degree and will be able to immediately start their master’s degree with a 4 year head start on their peers. This will save a significant amount of time and money and allow the student to begin their career that much sooner.

5 Benefits of Earning a Liberal Arts Degree

  • A Liberal Arts Degree can provide you with a well-rounded education. Unlike more specialized degrees, a liberal arts degree exposes you to a wide range of subjects, including humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, which can give you a broad understanding of the world and different perspectives.

  • A Liberal Arts Degree can help you develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The liberal arts curriculum is designed to teach students how to analyze and interpret information, which are valuable skills that are in high demand in many fields.

  • A Liberal Arts Degree can prepare you for a variety of careers. The diverse range of subjects studied in a liberal arts degree can give you a versatile set of skills that can be applied to many different careers.

  • A Liberal Arts Degree can help you become a better communicator. The liberal arts focus on writing, literature, and communication can help you develop strong communication skills, which are essential in many fields.

  • A Liberal Arts Degree can give you a solid foundation for graduate studies. A liberal arts degree can be the foundation for many graduate studies and professional programs, such as law, business, and medicine, and is also great for those that want to pursue a more advanced degree.

5 Careers You Can Get with a Liberal Arts Degree

Human Resources: A liberal arts degree can be a great foundation for a career in human resources, as it can provide you with the skills to understand and manage people. Human resources professionals are responsible for recruiting, hiring, and training employees, as well as managing employee relations and benefits.

Marketing: A liberal arts degree can prepare you for a career in marketing, which involves creating and executing campaigns to promote products or services. A background in liberal arts can provide you with the creativity and critical thinking skills needed to succeed in this field.

Writing and Editing: A liberal arts degree can be a good fit for a career in writing and editing. With a background in liberal arts, you can develop strong writing and communication skills, which are essential for creating and editing content for print and digital media.

Non-Profit Management: A liberal arts degree can be useful for those who want to work in non-profit management. With a liberal arts degree, you can develop the skills to understand and manage the issues that non-profits addresses and the ability to communicate their mission and goals effectively to the public.

Public Relations: A liberal arts degree can be a great way to get into the field of public relations, which involves creating and managing a positive image for a company, organization, or individual. With a background in liberal arts, you can develop the skills to communicate effectively with different audiences and manage the reputation of a company.

*A Liberal Arts education can give you the critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are highly valued by employers in many fields, including those that may not seem directly related to the liberal arts. Additionally, many industries are looking for versatile and adaptable candidates who can bring a range of skills to the table.

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