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Teens Career Planning

College Planning

We've used strategy and experience to create an affordable and efficient plan for earning a bachelor's degree. 

"Failing to plan, is planning to fail." -Benjamin Franklin

Teens Choose Your Degree Program

Choose Your Degree Program 

We offer degrees in Business, Psychology, and Liberal Arts. The most popular degree amongst homeschoolers is Liberal Arts. Students get exposed to courses like leadership, criminal justice, psychology, marketing, etc. because it's the most flexible degree. This allows students to explore different subject areas and help with deciding on a career path.

Customize Your Learning Experience

The first step in degree planning is evaluating the credits your student may already have and mapping them on the degree plan. Next, we'll meet one-on-one so we can go over the rest of their courses that are mapped out to ensure both high school and degree requirements are satisfied. We've chosen the best courses based on feedback from parents & students, and to ensure a well-rounded education.

Teens Customize Your Learning Experience
Teens Relax and Enjoy Homeschooling

Relax and Enjoy Homeschooling 

No more stressing about the upcoming year, researching 30 different curriculums, or spending hours reading through Facebook groups. We work hard so you can relax and enjoy the high school years with your student. The high school/degree plan and one-on-one meeting explain how it all works and how to succeed, and the help and support you receive throughout the program makes it easy and enjoyable. 

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