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School Accreditation

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

Regional Accreditation

We only work with colleges and universities that are regionally accredited. Regional Accreditation is the type of accreditation most institutions have in America because it is the highest accreditation in the United States. Regional accreditation is considered the most prestigious and widely-recognized type of accreditation.

Regional vs. National Accreditation

When you earn a nationally accredited degree, you can only transfer it to 15% of the colleges in the US. If you graduate with a regionally accredited bachelor degree, from a regionally accredited school, you can transfer it to 100% of the schools in the US. If you decide to further your education for a master’s degree, you will have zero problems.

Regionally Accredited Universities

The schools that we work with have been around for over 50 years and have a great reputation among working adults. They designed their schools, programs, and classes with the working adult in mind. The classes are asynchronous so you can work on them around your schedule and continue a healthy work-life balance while earning your degree. You can decide how to study, when to study, and for how long. You will be able to work on classes from your computer or phone, and focus on learning without homework or busywork. You’ll be earning the same degree with the same accreditation. We only use universities that are found on the US Department of Education official website.

Law School Testimonial

We just finished helping Trinity earn her high school diploma and regionally accredited bachelor’s degree in English at eighteen. She was immediately able to get accepted into the Ivy League, Cornell Law School at 18 years old. Your plan may be to stop at a bachelor’s degree, but you will always have the option for a higher degree if you change your mind.

Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things.

-Peter Drucker

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