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Testimonial from Trinity K.

Updated: Mar 19

I’m currently 18 years old and I will graduate in the next few weeks from both high school and college. Both at the same time! I’ll be going straight to law school in the fall. And this was only possibly because of what Ms. Deems was able to do for me. In showing me what courses to take, how to take them, and in what order; she allowed me the flexibility with school to be able to make this great accomplishment, to graduate college at the same time, and years before most of my peers.

We’ve known Trinity for years and we’re her biggest fans! We helped her graduate high school with her Bachelor of Art in English Degree at 18! We strategized the specific classes she would need to meet her high school requirements and bachelor’s degree requirements at the same time so she was immediately accepted into the Ivy League, Cornell Law School at 18! We’re so proud of her!

The story doesn’t end there, now we’re helping her sister earn her bachelor’s degree by high school graduation!

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