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Testimonial from Nicholas S.

Updated: Mar 19

My name is Nick and I am a senior in college studying psychology and I just wanted to tell you about Janine Deems who helped me plan my degree. Coming straight out of high school and even during High School I was wondering which college I was going to go to and what degree I was going to study. I wondered how I was going to pay for it because one of my big things was that I wanted to graduate debt free. Janine helped me do that.

She took me along step by step and looked at how many credits I had, where I was going, and how I could get to where I wanted to be. She not only helped me achieve my goals but I’m going to graduate debt free thanks to her. She taught me how the process works so I wasn’t just a passive participant. If you are thinking about consulting with Janine for your degree, I highly recommend her!

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