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College Degree Planning
& Advising Services

How to Earn Your Degree with Our Services

We help students earn an affordable, self-paced, flexible, & efficient college degree.

STRATEGY is everything! Earn a $40-50K Bachelor Degree at Excelsior University or Ana G. Mendez University for $6K.

Same Degree...Less Money and with SUPPORT Now through Graduation!

Your Smarter by 1 Degree Journey

Step 2: Join Exclusive
VIP Group
Online Classes
Step 3: Start Online Classes.
Degree Planning
Step 1: One-on-One Degree Planning Session.
Ongoing Support
Step 4: Ongoing Support & Advising until Graduation.
Step 5: Graduate with your Bachelor's Degree!

Strategic Degree Planning

Your Degree Planning Session Includes:

Initial 1-Hour Zoom Call
Customized Strategic Degree Plan
Complete Course Schedule
Step-by-Step Directions
Personalized Coaching
Transcript Evaluation

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Strategic Degree Planning

Exclusive VIP Group

Encouragement from Coaches and Other Students

✮ Tips and Tricks

✮ Course Information

✮ Library of Resources

✮ Community Support

✮ Plus SO much more!

Exclusive Benefits


VIP Group

Self-Paced Online Classes

At Smarter by 1 Degree, our classes are self-paced without busy work or live classes. You'll be able to work through your courses from the comfort of your own home or on the go from your phone or computer, whenever it is convenient for you! Our educational solutions are designed for nontraditional students who are looking for innovative ways to advance their careers and improve their income potential. Our programs are flexible and cater to busy students around the world, making it possible for them to earn college degrees while managing their other responsibilities.

Online Classes

Monthly Membership Benefits

College Coaching & Advising
Direct Communication with Coach
Support in VIP Group
Personalized Customer Service
Exclusive Partnership Discounts

Live VIP Webinars
      *$49.95 Monthly membership required with degree planning.



 Regionally Accredited Bachelor's Degree

Increased Earning Potential
 Career Advancement
 Specialized Knowledge and Training

Continue to Grad School

Dream Job!

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