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Adults College Planning

College Planning

 We'll meet you one-on-one and go over your goals, evaluate your previous credits, and customize a degree plan for you. We map out the most flexible, affordable, and efficient path to earn a degree.

Adults Choose Your Degree Program

Choose Your Degree Program 

We offer degrees in Business, Psychology, and Liberal Arts. The most popular degree amongst adults is Liberal Arts. It's the most flexible degree to earn and takes the least amount of time to complete. This degree is great for jobs that require any bachelor's degree,  if you have a lot of credits in different areas, or if you're trying to continue on to grad school. 

Customize Your Learning Path

The first step in degree planning is evaluating the credits you already have and mapping them on the degree plan. Next, we'll meet one-on-one so we can go over the rest of your courses to ensure you have the most efficient path. We've chosen the best courses based on feedback from students and graduates.

Adults Customize Your Learning Path
Adults Relax Spend Time with Friends and Family

Relax...Spend Time with Friends and Family

You can stop stressing about finding a school, picking classes, and figuring how to earn a degree. Our students tell us we save them over 10 hours a week of researching and reading through Facebook groups. We explain how it all works, how to succeed, and help and support you so you can spend your time earning credit. Cutting out busywork allows you to earn your degree while still having time for friends, family, and a job.

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